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With Gold Coast’s multi-award winning Clear Smiles Orthodontics.

multi-award winning

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Year on year leading Invisalign starts on the Gold Coast positions Doctor Semaan as the premier Invisalign treatment Provider.

Interest Free, Zero Deposit payment plans

Your most beautiful smile from as low as $52 a week.

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Conveniently guided

While Invisalign treatment plans are easy to follow, you will never be on your own.

Discover the freedom of virtual appointments. 

Invisalign invisalign invisiline invisaline invis


Discover a virtually invisible treatment that is a more comfortable, cosmetic, and convenient alternative to braces.

Fast track treatment device


Power your way to a new smile at least 40% faster with our Propel Vpro+ device. Available to add to any Invisalign Treatment. 2,3,4
remote monitoring scanning system known as scanbox


Track your progress alongside Dr. Semaan with scans you take from your phone.


The results of orthodontic treatment varies from patient to patient. Your own treatment may differ from that described and shown here.

An Orthodontist

When it comes to crooked teeth, there is no doctor more qualified than an Orthodontist.

18 years of experience

700+ reviews

over 5000 new smiles

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