Speed up Invisalign Treatment with Propel

Power your treatment forward at least 40% faster with propel

Choose to upgrade your Clear Smiles treatment plan.

How the Propel Fast-Track Device works

Part of the way orthodontics works is by remodelling the bones surrounding the teeth. The Propel VPro+ is a small, hands-free device that generates micro-vibrations precisely calibrated to speed up the remodelling and bone formation process and allow for the safe acceleration of tooth movement.

Speed up Invisalign Treatment with Propel

Why it works

The same high frequency micro-vibrations made by the Propel VPro+ device that help accelerate tooth movement can also reduce the normal discomfort associated with orthodontic treatment, helping make your treatment more comfortable and less painful in addition to reducing the time frame.

Why choose to upgrade with propel?

Most people want to finish their orthodontic treatment as fast as possible which is why, for an additional fee, Dr. Semaan redesigns all treatment plans that have chosen the Fast-Track Propel upgrade to accommodate for the expected acceleration of tooth movement.

Propel fast track

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