Be a friend, tell a friend

Want to become an influencer?

At Clear Smiles Orthodontics, we’re proud to partner with our patients to advocate for their new smile.

We believe every patient of ours is an ‘influencer.’ You advocate our promise; a healthy, more beautiful smile. You influence your friends, your family, and everybody you interact with on a daily basis every time you share your smile with the world. 

So, in a pursuit of health & beauty we look to create star quality smiles that we want you to be able to show off and be rewarded for doing so. 

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What's the reward?

The Clear Smiles #InfluencerClub rewards existing patients for encouraging their friends to discover their treatment options.

For every person you refer to our clinic for a consultation, you’ll get a $100 prepaid Mastercard® credit card via email 5-7 business days after, and we’ll add a $250 discount to your friends treatment plan.

Give $250, Get $100- it’s that simple. No catch intended.

Be rewarded for up to 5 referrals per year. That’s $500 in prepaid Mastercard® credit cards for you to spend however you want.

NOTE: Referees must be existing patients undergoing treatment at the time of referral. Referred friends must be new customers. Referral discount cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Referral benefits cannot be retroactively applied to customers who’ve already had a consultation with Clear Smiles Orthodontics. Referrers are eligible to receive a maximum of 5 prepaid Mastercard® credit cards per year.

How does it work?

  • Clear Smiles Orthodontics #InfluencerClub offers existing patients currently undergoing treatment the chance to receive a $100 prepaid Mastercard® credit card for individuals they refer to Clear Smiles Orthodontics for a free consultation. Please read below our full Clear Smiles #InfluencerClub terms and conditions.
  • This program is limited to a maximum of five (5) such referrals a year. (You may invite more than five (5) individuals to participate, but you will receive a prepaid Mastercard® credit card for a maximum of five (5) Friend referrals in a calendar year.)
  • It works like this – as an existing patient you will gain access to 5 unique referral codes per year.
  • Your codes will be automatically generated and unique to you and you only.
  • You choose how you’d like to share your unique referral code to your friends — via text, email, in person or Facebook etc. This is your choice.
  • Providing your friend enters your unique referral code when booking a free consultation with Clear Smiles Orthodontics in the ‘promo code’ section, your friend will be entitled to a $250 discount on any treatment commenced, and you’ll get a $100 prepaid Mastercard® credit card via email 5-7 business days after the completion of their consultation.
  • Your referred friend must be identified by us as a new patient who has not had a consultation with Clear Smiles Orthodontics previously. They must show for their consultation. If they fail to show, you will not receive your referral reward. Should they reschedule to another date/time, the date you receive a credit card via email will move accordingly with the change in time. Should they cancel their appointment, your code will still hold value and can be redeemed again.
  • We only ask your referred friend to discover their treatment options with Clear Smiles Orthodontics. Should they not be suitable for treatment, as determined by Dr. Steven Semaan, or choose not to have treatment with Clear Smiles Orthodontics for any reason, you will still receive your referral reward. This is a part of our no-obligation consultation policy, where we value allowing people to make informed decisions about their teeth and oral health based on the recommendations of a registered orthodontist.
  • Once a referral code has been used, you will no longer be rewarded should it be entered again. Each code is limited to 1 patient referral reward and 1 discount referral value only.
  • This referral code does not apply to your immediate family members (siblings or parents) and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.
  • This program is limited to individuals only, not businesses for affiliate lead generation as determined at Clear Smiles Orthodontic’s sole discretion. All individuals referring friends must be 18 years of age or older. The Clear Smiles #InfluencerClub is not intended for users under the age of 18. If you are a minor under the age of 18, your referral codes can be transferred and managed on your behalf by your listed parents or guardians. Should your codes be authorized to be managed by your parents or guardians, the ownership of the prepaid Mastercard® credit card belongs to them, as the recipient of the card.Gift card recipients are responsible for the payment of any and all taxes in connection with the receipt of the card.
  • You agree that you will only invite individuals whom you know personally, and that you will not distribute your code or link through mass distributions or “SPAM”. You agree to comply with all laws that limit the distribution of commercial or marketing messages. Clear Smiles Orthodontics does not consent to bulk email distribution. Any distribution of a Referrer’s unique referral code via self-generated email that could constitute unsolicited commercial email or “spam” under any applicable spam laws is expressly prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination of Referrer’s right to be rewarded through the Clear Smiles #InfluencerClub, and exclusion from Clear Smiles #InfluencerClub.
  • This program may be changed or terminated by Clear Smiles Orthodontics at any time in its sole discretion. Any referral code invitations not used by an Invited Friend at the time of termination shall be void. Your participation in the program may be terminated by Clear Smiles Orthodontics if you breach any terms and conditions, or if your participation in any way violates applicable law.

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