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When we state that we’re a practice dedicated to creating the healthiest and most beautiful smiles possible, we often get asked how we achieve this. So, in response we wanted to share, in detail, what sets Clear Smiles Orthodontics apart;

  • Dr. Semaan sees the bigger picture.
  • We’ve made the commitment to treatment as convenient and efficient as possible.
  • You can choose to make your new smile possible rather than impossible.
  • Your smile is just the beginning.
  • We have a team for your teeth.
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There really is no substitute for a specialist orthodontist.

Invisalign Clear Aligners are increasingly available through general dentists or other dental professionals. Which means your care could be in the hands of someone who knows a lot about teeth, but isn’t trained to see the bigger picture. The way the bones and muscles of your face, neck and jaw come together. The angle of your bite, the height of your teeth in relation to one another, and any long-term impact that changes in tooth position can have on the structures around them.

Using the most technologically advanced orthodontic appliances and world-leading services to treat patients in the pursuit of creating the healthiest and most beautiful smiles, you’ll find every reason to smile during your treatment with Gold Coast’s Specialist Orthodontist, Dr. Steven Semaan.

Dr. Semaan vs the rest

Orthodontic Specialist Dr Steven Semaan

Specialist expertise

Let’s say you needed heart surgery. Who would you go to: your primary care doctor or a heart surgeon?

That’s the kind of choice you’re making when you decide between Clear Smiles Orthodontics and other providers of Invisalign Clear Aligners. At Clear Smiles you are guaranteed the expertise of a specialist orthodontist, the same cannot be said for the rest. That expertise is provided by director and principal orthodontist Dr. Steven Semaan. A specialist in the diagnosis, prevention and correction of irregular alignments of the teeth and jaws.

Dr. Semaan literally went to school to learn how to straighten teeth. It’s what he does and has done for over 18 years.

Years of Experience

Dr. Semaan

Years of Training


Years of Training


Convenient monitoring

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Straightening your teeth is a big decision, so we’ve made the commitment to treatment as convenient and efficient as possible.

Dr. Steven Semaan utilises the latest in remote monitoring technology to give you an exceptionally high level of guidance as you progress through your orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Semaan can track your progress with scans you take from your phone. It’s faster than having to make appointments every two weeks — and the combination of convenience and peace of mind is unmatched for our patients.

Payment plans

We’re not immune to the effects pricing has on decisions of the teeth.

In an effort to make straighter teeth affordable, we’re proud to offer many of our patients flexible low deposit, 0% interest pricing payment plans. You can choose to make your new smile possible rather than impossible.

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Our Clear Protect Club


Clear Smiles are proud to offer a post treatment monitoring and guidance program like no other. Designed to maintain your smile for life, patients are granted access to a convenient and affordable way to access orthodontic care & guidance as and when needed, to maximise treatment results.

We work with you, after your treatment ends, to monitor and maintain your smile, and even better, it can be achieved, in most cases, from the comfort of your own home.

See, we believe changing your smile is just the beginning.

Our Team for Your Teeth

We’ve hired a lot of talented people to help us help you. We’re all about making your smile journey the best it can be. And we’re always looking to perfect the process of straightening your teeth as Gold Coast’s Specialist Orthodontist. 

Meet the Team

From the initial consultation all the way through to your retention program and maintaining your straight smile for life, our team makes sure you’re given everything you need to make and continue to make informed decisions about your teeth. 

Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Steven J Semaan

Specialist Orthodontist

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I could not be more happy with the outcome of my consultation today. I can easily say that the team at Clear Smiles Orthodontics are the friendliest and down to earth team. I was so incredibly nervous going in today, but as soon as I met the lovely Brooke she made me so much more at ease. If I could I would give this place more than 5 stars. I definitely would. I highly recommend.
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Clear Smiles Orthodontics in Robina has exceptional staff members who thrive on customer experience and getting the best outcome for the client. Dr Semaan is currently taking care of me and has helped not just with this process of having the aligners but he is also good to talk to and has helped me greatly. Appreciate this facility as it is very welcoming and is only looking out for the best in you.​
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Dr Semaan and his team are absolutely amazing. I was always greeted with a smile and felt very welcome. Everyone is knowledgeable and does a fantastic job. I recently finished my treatment and I'll continue to rave about these guys to anyone who asks. Don't hesitate, call tomorrow, you won't regret it.

Book a free consultation with Dr Semaan today!

Book a free consultation with Dr Semaan today!