Be serious about keeping your teeth straight

Your smile is just the beginning

Once you have gone through the process of selecting your treatment plan, paying for your new smile, and completing your smile journey, you’ll want to ensure your teeth maintain their new positions for the rest of your life.

Dr Semaan is serious about keeping your teeth straight, using industry leading techniques to ensure you smile for life; all patients are issued clear retainers and a bonded wire at the end of their treatment plan. 

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Bonded Wire

A bonded lingual wire is a very thin piece of wire which is carefully glued behind the back of the front six teeth on the upper and lower arches. This wire is not noticeable by others and will help ensure no movement (or relapse) of the teeth can occur.

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Clear Retainers

Removable retainers are made from a clear thin medical grade plastic material almost identical to the clear aligners we use during aligner therapy treatment. These are worn only at night to prevent your teeth moving after treatment has finished. We recommend that you change your retainers every six months.

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